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Vyoma Jain

"When I joined Deepa Ma’am back in 2004, I was a little kid with a huge phobia for Mathematics. Ma’am, not only engaged with me personally and helped overcome my phobia, but also was a constant support throughout. She has helped shape my career and has made me what I am today. I will always be grateful to her, for being my mentor."

Probation Officer,Women Welfare Services, Uttarakhand, India.


Avijita Panwar

"Deepa Ma’am has been a constant support and guide as I have navigated through various stages of academic and intellectual challenges and opportunities. She has a wealth of knowledge and patience that is unparalleled."

Tax Associate at Ernst and Young, Houston,USA.


"Initially, I thought I clearly had no potential in this subject but due to Deepa Ma’am’s efforts and constant motivation, I improved in the subject over the span of 2 years and managed to score a 92% in my ICSE grade 10 examinations. Not only does Ma’am ensure to create a deep understanding of the concept for us but also makes learning fun and interactive."

Bhavya Uniyal

Welham Girls School

"Deepa Sethy Ma'am has been an institution by herself. All the classes have been very helpful and I scored a perfect 100% in the  ISC exams, which wouldn't have been possible without her help!"

Aditya Saraff

The Doon School

"Thank you so much Deepa Ma’am for the help you have given me throughout the four years. I scored 100/100 in Mathematics in ISC 2022 examinations because of your efforts."

Aryan Budhiraja

St. George's School

"She’s a pro at teaching even when it come to online classes. I never felt that I’m not sitting with her in person during any online class. One really doesn’t know what real math, passion and actual learning is without going to her! I’m truly grateful for having met her, learnt from her and enjoy her company while doing math!"

Vidushi Goel

Welham Girls School

"I started studying with Deepa Sethy Ma'am when I was in 6th grade, up until my recent 12th grade examinations. Throughout this period of 7 years, she has been more of a mentor to me than a teacher, and even now I would always respect her as one. Her ways of teaching compel you to an in-depth understanding of a concept. Ma'am is the one to make me fall in love with the subject!"

Suhani Anand

St. Joseph's School

"Thank you so much ma'am for helping me throughout 11th and 12th because of which i was able to score a 96 in mathematics. You have a way of giving attention to each and every child even if there are many which really helped all of us in scoring excellent marks in our examinations."

Ananya Gupta

Welham Girls School

"Thank you ma'am for the countless hours you spent teaching me in the passed 2 years. Your classes helped me achieve a score in math which I had never even imagined for myself when I started studying ISC."

Jahaan Sahgal

The Doon School

"Deepa Ma’am put an immense amount of effort in teaching me the subject. Through her ways of teaching, every concept was extremely clear. I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to be taught by her! Thank you ma’am for helping me throughout the past two years."

Kashvi Nanda

Welham Girls School

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